Be Searchable

Give yourself a second chance and help rescuers find you faster with the global rescue standard RECCO technology

Make yourself searchable

Be Smart Buy RECCO included

RECCO reflectors come integrated in apparel and gear from many brands. Look for the logo and get reflectors included next time you buy equipment. 

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Reflectors make you searchable

In case of an avalanche accident or being lost in the outdoors, the RECCO reflector makes you searchable to professional rescuers worldwide. It does not replace an avalanche transceiver but offers a complimentary way to be searchable.

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A Global Rescue Network

All over the world professional rescuers are trained and equipped with RECCO technology. 

Locations with RECCO

High Tech - But simple to use

The RECCO system is based on highly advanced radar technology, but simple for a wearer of reflectors since it requires no battery or activation to function.

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The Full Story

To find out the full story about RECCO technology and world wide network please head over to